tableside guac. the closest thing to heaven.

27 Oct

I work two jobs, one of which i am a server at a mexican restaraunt. I have been serving for almost five years now and have come to hate it. I remind myself on a daily basis that I am in college so that I don’t have to wait tables for the rest of my life and deal with customers who are mad that their soup isn’t “hot enough.” With that being said, there are a couple of positive things that I have to say about where I work. We offer awesome drink specials on a daily basis, the food is actually really good, and heres the most exciting part: we offer table side guacamole.

Table side guacamole is one of my greatest pleasures in the world. I often try out different mexican restaurants  and always make sure to ask if they offer it. Most of them, but Pericos Mexican Cuisine here in San Antonio, Texas does. I am proud to say i work for a restaurant that serves it.

Table side guacamole is exactly what is sounds like. Guacamole made right at the side of your table, by your overworked and undertipped server. ( Me.)

Four avocados are put into a large mocajete, with the pits already removed. We put pico de gallo, chopped jalepenos, cilantro, and lime and orange on a plate that we send out on the side by the guac. Once we set the tray down we ask our customers what they would like in the guac. In my opinion, most guac fans would want it all, but there are people who ask us to leave things out. We take the knife and fork that are provided to us and cut the avocado to our customers liking. I always ask if they would prefer their guac “chunky” or “creamy,” and this signifies to the server how we should cut it. Once we have the guac to our customers liking, we add the ingredients they prefer, and squeeze lime and orange juice on top for a little extra flavor.

This guac differs from regular guacamole because it is made right in front of you with the ingredients that you chose. Most guacamoles in restaurants are part avocado, and part some sort of pre-packaged guac, which does not taste like the real thing. This is definitely  the restaurant to order guacamole at, and I’m not just saying that becuase i want your tip. Look it up next time you are cruising in town and are really craving a good old fashioned guacamole to your liking. Oh yes, and if you are a good tipper, make sure to ask for my section 🙂


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