quick fix.

5 Nov

I know most of us are on a similar schedule, and that schedule is having absoultley no time. Admist working, going to school, attempting to keep a social life, and just living life, i often eat whatever is quickest for me to find. Unfortunately this is often whatever greasy drive-thru is open late on my drive home from a long shift.

There is one quick fix that i do like to make if i am in a hurry. This takes almost no time to do, and is a much heathier option than grabbing a burger or fries. You probably have experienced this delicious quick snack before but if you haven’t, your’e missing out.

All you need is

One avocado



Hot Sauce

Corn or flour tortilla.

If you think the ingredients sound simple, the preperation is even more so. I like to cut the avocado in half, dispose of the pit, and smash it with a fork until it is turned into guacamole. Once it has done so, i cut half a lime or lemon and let the juice fall on top of my guac. Lemon juice serves two purposes in this case. It helps keeps the avocado from going brown, and it adds a zesty flavor to the guac. I then sprinkle salt on top to taste. The hot sauce part is even more lenient.

In my many times of making this, i have used any hot sauce that is available to me. My dad makes great homemade salsa with our blender, but if that’s not in my reach, i can always use bottled hot sauce such as Cholula or Tabasco. Pour hot sauce on top and put on a corn or flour tortilla. I use corn in my attempt to be more “healthy” but either one works great. With my past experience, corn is less thick, so in return you feel less full. But it is up to you. Avocado contains a lot of good fat that fills you up quickly. This plus the corn or flour tortilla and hot sauce, makes for  a much better option than deep fried chicken or charbroiled hamburgers.

Last night i went out with my friends and got back home around 2 a.m. As I am scrounging around my house and considering a run to taco cabana, i see an avocado. I made this little recipe and went to bed satifsfied. This is a quick and great snack that will fill you up and leave you wanting more. Here’s my simple 5- minute taco.


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