cute party snack!

13 Nov

One of my part- time jobs is doing event coordinating. It is an amazing college job that i remind myself  I am blessed to have on a daily basis. I want to go in that direction with my career, hopefully working in the event coordinating area of public relations. How does that relate to my avocado blog and obession? Let me tell you.

This past weekend Iworked a wedding that was hosted on a huge ranch just outside of the city I live in. As I am rushing around putting the finishing touches on centerpieces, hanging last minute wreaths, lighting candles, and dripping in sweat I do a double- take at the food table in which i see an abundance of hollowed out avocados. I immidiently wonder what they could be serving to go along with these and I am pleased to tell you that it was ceviche! If you have never had ceviche it is a must have! And if you love avocado it’s an even bigger one!

If you don’t know what ceviche is, its basically a mexican infused recipe that contains shrimp, pico de gallo, green peppers, lime juice, and all those other wonderful flavors. Unfortunately I’m not going to tell you how to make it, but I will tell you that their idea put a new twist on the already amazing recipe. Of course i had a chance to try it and i was pleasently suprised.

This recipe is a great, fun, and filling way to serve your guests weather you host a wedding, party, or any other event that involves food. The guest may simply put one scoop in the hollow part of the avocado, take a spoon, and enjoy! As i ate my serving in the corner and enjoyed the event that i had worked so hard for i thought that this would be a quick and easy recipe to share with you all.

If you are interested and need a recipe for ceviche, visit Once made, scoop into avocado and enjoy! Here’s a little picture of what i inhaled while no one was looking!



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