everyone loves grilled cheese

16 Nov

As well all know, everyone LOVES grilled cheese. It’s a fast and easy snack that ANYONE can make. And by anyone, i mean myself.

I was thinking about having a grilled cheese the other day, and the thought occurred to me that a grilled cheese shouldn’t be strictly limited to only having CHEESE inside. Usually when i make grilled cheese and i’m feeling a little fancy I’ll add a slice of honey baked ham, however, that’s still just a little too original.

I began scrounging through my refrigirator looking for unusual but complimentary components that i could put in my sandwich. It then occured to me: why not avocado?!

I came up with these ingredients:

Bread ( of course)

Avocado ( of course)

Mozerella Cheese


This seems like an odd combination, but really it’s kind of like eating a pizza with avocado, without having to make dough and wait for yeast to rise!

I’m sure you all know how to make grilled cheese but let me tell you anyway.

First you take your bread, i prefer wheat, and butter it on both sides. I then face the butter side down on the skillet while my oven is on medium heat.

Next, add a slice of mozerella and a thin slice of pepperoni. You then take thick slices of the avocado and place them on top of the pepperoni. This causes the sandwich to become slightly slippery, however, you just need to remember to put a spatuala on either side of the sandwich when it comes time to flip it over. You then cook until the crispiness of your liking is reached. BAM, your done.

This is probably my favorite recipe so far, because it is so easy to do, and the ingredients compliment each other so well.


Quite possibly the best grilled cheese i have ever eaten in my life. Try it ASAP!


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