about the author.

dana sotoodeh.college student,waitress,event coordinator,writer, fashion forward, AVACADO FANATIC.

As i work endlessly on perfecting this blog and expressing my passion for avocado in particular, i can’t help but to flash back to when i was 12 years old and i could think of nothing more disgusting than avocado itself.

I remember avocado or guacamole always being present at dinner or lunch. Somehow it always made its way to the table in a side bowl for the tacos we ate, or hidden in the salad that our mom made us eat with every meal. Every time i saw it, i wrinkled my nose and picked it out as if it were going to harm me. I could think of nothing more disgusting than an odd green substance that not only felt slimy, but was mushy once eaten. I couldn’t understand the fascination with putting it on everything and my mom telling me over and over that it was a ” good fat” and crucial to my diet.

I laugh as i write this because i have what my friends like to tell me a “sick obsession” with the vegetable now. I will cut one open and eat it plain and  i will willingly pay the extra 2.00 at restraunts to add it to all of my meals, and although i am NOT a cook, i am willing to try any recipe in which this wonderful creation is involved. It doesn’t hurt that it helps in making your hair shiny, and your body healthy either. So if your an avocado fanatic like myself, join me on this journey of exploring a few of the many recipes that involve this delicious vegetable and please stifle your laughter at my attempts in doing so.


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